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7 Tips for Creating An Internal Newsletter That Isn’t Boring

Internal newsletters are about much more than informing everyone in the company about planned activities. Internal newsletters may be entertaining, informative, and something your staff looks forward to seeing in their inboxes.

Continue reading for some pointers to get you started.

Start discussions

If you want to increase openness, your internal newsletter is an excellent place to start. You may improve collaboration and break down barriers between departments or between employees and management by establishing conversations inside your firm.

This is particularly effective in huge corporations when departments are unfamiliar with one another. Q&A or “a day in the life” sections may help get everyone on the same page and may lead to inter-departmental partnerships that result in unforeseen development.


Make use of repeated parts

Newspapers feature several sections and recurrent articles, while television networks have regularly planned programs. Organizing information in a formal manner informs readers about what to anticipate and makes it simpler for them to explore your content depending on their own interests, similar to how one could skim the headlines but sit down to read the Travel section.


Have some fun with it

Your newsletter’s content does not have to be confined to official business. After all, a newspaper is about more than just current events. Consider include amusing components in your internal newsletter, such as:

  • Visuals such as vacation photographs, films, or memes
  • Personal updates and significant occurrences in the lives of your team members
  • Shareable article social media connections
  • Interactive games or crossword puzzles

So, what should a good internal newsletter contain?

Want to see an example of an excellent internal newsletter?

Employee satisfaction and expectation

Want to see what good internal newsletters look like? 

Don’t forget about the photos

Interested in enticing your readers with your internal newsletter?

Reduce the number of words you use to attract personnel. Instead, use stunning and professional photographs. Your target demographic will want to swipe through their email in the same way they go through their Instagram feed.

Cut back on words to draw in your employees. Instead, utilize beautiful and professional images.

Aside from the interesting graphics, it’s a good idea to offer your workers choices on what they read and what they don’t want to read.

If you’re composing your employee email as a letter, include links

If your organization prefers a letter-style format for informing staff, you must be inventive.

One method is to include links in your material. Links lead your readers to other websites and assist to build on the information in your newsletter.

One way to do this is by adding links to your content. Links redirect your audience to other sources and will help expand upon your newsletter content. 

The advantage of this newsletter writing style is its brevity. Not only will the writer be pleased as they compose the periodic newsletter, but so will your readers.


There are no longer justifications for producing a dull and uninteresting newsletter. You’re already on your approach to developing more interesting, engaging, and value-packed internal communications that get opened and read if you keep these principles in mind.