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5 Tips for your Next Product Launch Email Campaign

Your team is finally ready to launch the next major product, but you’re stumped on how to handle the product launch email marketing.

You know you need to generate interest in your new lineup, but you don’t sure how.

A product launch email campaign is more than just sending one email the day before your product releases. It’s a series of emails you send out to make folks excited about what’s to come. It must be meticulously planned and arranged.

Before you begin your next campaign, review these examples of successful product launch email marketing and discover how to optimize your campaign for success.

  1. Use a straightforward, informative subject line
    The most crucial part of your email is the subject line. It makes no difference what your content looks like if no one opens your email.

Consider this example of a product launch email marketing from Austin Eastciders for their newest cider taste.

Austin East Ciders email

“Our Newest Flavor Of Cider Is Here,” their subject line, was a succinct and effective decision. Austin Eastciders provided just enough information to pique the reader’s interest without giving away the surprise.

The aim here is to capture your reader’s interest while also convincing them to open your email.

  1. Use a visually appealing email design that compliments your product
    Email design is an important part of every marketing.

Whether your firm favors a minimalistic aesthetic or strong, brilliant colors, you’ll want to create an email series that compliments the product you’re presenting, like Topo Designs did with their new product line.

Topo designs email

3. Include a relevant call-to-action (CTA) that drives traffic to your site 

Your email will not perform well unless you include a compelling CTA. You don’t need to spend as much time on this as you do on your subject line, but you do need to know where you want to direct visitors to on your site.

Casper used a straightforward CTA in their product launch email.

Casper email example

If you’re just offering one new product, a simple “shop now” button will enough to guide consumers in the proper path.

If you’re launching a new service, you may use phrases like “learn more” or “try it now.” Just don’t overlook the significance of button design.

  1. Experiment with animated visuals in your email campaign
    One technique to keep people engaged in what you’re presenting is to use graphics and visuals. Animated graphics in your email design or GIFs in your text are both excellent methods to entice recipients to read on. Consider this Great Jones example.
Great Jones email example

Great Jones created an animated email that flashes back and forth between black and white (the two new colors they’re providing) to promote their two new color additions to their selection.

If a flashing email campaign seems too much like work, try including a few GIFs instead.

  1. For best effect, highlight product variances
    When you have a product with several applications, your product launch email should showcase all of the different ways someone may utilize it. People will enjoy your advertising more if they can see how your product can help them.

Consider this Apple example.

Apple email example for iOS Design Kit

Wrap up

With a simple strategy, you can create a product launch email campaign that will increase interest in your new product. And if done correctly, you’ll have more people on your email list.

When creating your email marketing, keep the following points in mind:

Subject lines are crucial for increasing conversion rates. Spend more attention on these.
A captivating call to action is required to generate visitors to your website. Draw emphasis to your call-to-action button.
A campaign’s email design may make or ruin it. Use complementing colors and straightforward pieces.
Be a series of emails for your product launch campaign, and make sure to optimize them before sending them. Remember to utilize email automation to make your life simpler.