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4 Creative Email Subject Lines to Boost your Open Rate

When it comes to measuring the overall performance of your email campaign, one metric to keep an eye on is your open rate.

The open rates of an email campaign may vary widely and are affected by a variety of variables, including the size of your subscriber list and the technique used to acquire email addresses. While tracking your open rate is merely one of many important metrics, it is key since it may offer you with valuable insight on how to enhance future campaigns.

Before we can discuss how to improve the open rate of your email campaign, we must first define an open rate.

The open rate is a measurement of how many people on an email list opened a certain email campaign.

The open rate is a measure of how many individuals on an email list opened a particular email campaign.

To get an email subscriber to open an email from your brand, a compelling subject line is required.

People are much less likely to react to emails with simple subject lines like “In today’s newsletter” or “Open Now.” Those sentences are so general that readers typically skip over them. You want to persuade them to open up, so be inventive and create a feeling of urgency.

1. Instill dread of missing out: “Tomorrow is too late!”

We don’t want to lose out on anything if it can be prevented, as humans. When it comes to developing captivating email subject lines, one method to raise open rates is to create a feeling of not just urgency but also dread of losing out.

Sure, shoppers understand that Cyber Monday is a once-a-year race to grab the products on their shopping list, but when you add “you have fewer than 24 hours” to get what you want, they realize just how short the day can be.

Other examples, such as “1 Day,” “less than 24 hours,” demonstrate that adding numbers to your email subject line may assist generate that feeling of urgency that drives readers to open your email, so don’t be afraid to use them when appropriate.

Consider this Withings example. The eye-catching phrase “Tomorrow is too late” draws attention and generates a feeling of urgency, inspiring customers to act.

Take this example by Wthings. The bold “Tomorrow is too late,” is not only eye catching, but it creates a sense of urgency that inspires consumers to act.

2. Call to action: “Wake up!!!!!”

Another clever technique to enhance open rates is to include a call to action in your email subject line.

They are usually eye-catching and offer guidance to the readers, making them wonder why you are asking or instructing them what to do.

Consider this email from the t2 Tea Company, which instructs consumers to “Wake Up!”

The first thing to observe here is that this action is not a harsh demand. Some call-to-action subject lines fail because they are phrased in an unappealing manner.

Consider the “Wake Up!” subject line. By just adding more punctuation, this might easily be transformed from fascinating to unpleasant.

Example 1: “Wake Up!”

Example 2: “WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!”

The common response to the first is, “Okay, why should I wake up?” “Why are you yelling at me to wake up?” says the second.

Don’t irritate your customers by making rude requests. Keep your subject lines interesting and inviting. This helps the buyer feel at ease with your brand.

Don’t alienate your clients with obnoxious calls to action and demands. Keep your subject lines intriguing and welcoming.

3. Make it unique: “Hello, Smiles Davis!”

Another great technique to enhance your average open rate is to personalize an email subject line for each subscriber.

Personalization is either tailoring information to their unique requirements or getting to know them on a deeper level.

In other words, it facilitates a more direct channel of connection, making your subscribers feel more at ease.

Consider this email from It’s evident that they’re not only reaching out to express gratitude to their consumers, but they’re also customizing their message to the specific individual “Smiles Davis.” The email includes their name at the top and is followed by a one-on-one note of gratitude for introducing Brandless items into their house. This is then followed by relevant news and product recommendations.

Also, notice how they used the phrase “you” rather than “our consumers.” This gives the reader the impression that the firm is speaking directly to them rather than a list of subscribers.

Customers are 75% more inclined to spend money with companies that know their names or remember their preferences, such as their purchasing history.

Seventy-five percent of customers are more likely to spend their money with brands that recognize them by name or who remember their preferences such as their purchase history.

4. Incentives are effective: “20% off your next 5 rides.”

Incentives, incentives, incentives.

Everyone likes a coupon or promo code for products they love. Don’t be afraid to add an inventive to your email subject lines in order to increase your email campaign open rate.

Uber did an excellent job of utilizing incentives with their 20% off email campaign during the Thanksgiving season.

By putting that 20% off incentive right into their email subject line, consumers are going to want to know what they have to do to receive that 20% off, which results in them opening the email and increasing your open rate.

Not only did they personalize the incentive by putting the subscriber’s name in the email, but they go on to recognize a pain point for many: traveling during the holiday season.

Uber did an excellent job of utilizing incentives with their 20% off email campaign during the Thanksgiving season.

Wrap up

When it comes to raising the open rate of your email campaign, you should concentrate on encouraging your subscribers to physically open the email.

Remember, the subject line is the first thing they’ll read, so keep some of these helpful hints in mind:

  • Use keywords that have been shown to enhance open rates.
  • Use title case (if appropriate for your target and brand style).
  • Try to restrict your subject lines to 3-5 words.
  • Personalize
  • Incentivize

Give them a reason to act Getting to know your subscribers is critical in this process since only then will you be able to create email campaigns that are tailored to their specific requirements.

After that, employing services like our automated email campaigns and list segmentation can assist guide you in developing and sending out the most relevant content to your consumers, considerably increasing your open rates.