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Top 3 Email Marketing Initiatives to Boost Engagement and Revenue

Email marketing may be 40 years old, but it is still going strong. Indeed, as we negotiate the ever-changing marketing environment caused by the epidemic, many popular and successful firms have turned to digital marketing platforms.

Let’s take a look at some email marketing tactics to increase engagement and income.

Emails with Only Text

You should invest in text-only emails if you want to outperform other projects.

This does not imply that you would bombard your subscribers with GIFs and appealing photographs. It suggests you don’t have anything and that less is more.

Movable Ink is an excellent example of a text email:

Source: Emma

Many people have experimented with text-only emails because they feel more intimate, like an email from a friend. Sending these kind of emails would be a refreshing change of pace for your subscribers.

Colors that stand out

This may seem counterintuitive to our list, but it does not imply that all of your emails will be text-only. Make your email marketing themes, styles, and photos bright and vibrant if you’re going to send them.

Magic Spoon is a business that totally embraces bright colors in their email marketing. Take a look at this:

Source: Jilt

Color, as we all know, is excellent for invoking emotions and pushing action. Black, for example, is connected with opulence, power, and rank, while blue expresses trust and security and yellow signifies happiness and youth.

Aside from the psychological effects of the hue, it may raise brand recognition, sell items, and even enhance click-through rates.

Emails that are interactive

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a web-based interactivity (AMP). You may immediately include interactive messaging into your campaigns using this material.

This implies that your email subscriber will be able to browse items, stores, and other information directly from your email. There’s no need to go here and there to get to the correct page, then click again to finish a transaction.

Here’s an example of Google’s interactive content:

Source: Google

You’ll note that you may choose a color for your Google Pixel Buds and add it to your basket directly from the email. This greatly simplifies the process of people completing their purchases straight immediately.


It goes without saying that the epidemic has caused havoc on businesses all around the globe. However, it is also an excellent time to test out fresh marketing methods as well as new company ideas and approaches.

More companies will pay even more attention to their consumers’ wants and interests in the last four months of 2021, shifting their business objectives to an empathic, human-centered approach.

There’s more to learn about email marketing, and you’ll be able to comprehend some tactics for enhancing your email engagement and ROI with Adam Pearce, CEO and Co-Founder of Blend Commerce.