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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: E-Marketing Edition

In a world of TV trends and Netflix binges, many people prioritize cleaning up. While most of us regard the Marie Kondo craze as a good, self-loving approach to cleaning our material life, there is absolutely something to be said about using the Kondo method to clean up our email lists.

We’ll guide you through four strategies to Marie Kondo your email list in this article. And, yeah, they are all about igniting delight.

The rise of customization

Personalization is more than simply a buzzword that email marketers like to use in casual chats. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that works—so well, in fact, that segmented, tailored email marketing have increased revenue by 760%.

Marie Kondo emphasizes the significance of having a place for everything and making each object accessible and relevant. You wouldn’t want your wedding images sitting in a storage locker, unable to be appreciated or even recalled. Gaining a better knowledge of your consumer is the first step toward effective personalisation. Personalization, after all, is only as good as the information you have about your subscribers.

Using such detailed data, you may construct a one-of-a-kind segmentation of your clients based on their distinct activities. You may use that information to create far more tailored messages, such as the one seen below.

List cleansing that results in cheerful metrics

More is never better in the Kondo universe. In reality, “more” is just code for “more stress” and “more issues.” In a post-GDPR environment, “more” may imply compromising your engagement to match the needs of an exaggerated myth about massive lists.

Privacy legislation, like Kondo, prioritize cleaning up, establishing improved habits and best practices among marketers worldwide. A Marie Kondo lifestyle organizes our belongings and arranges them where we can see them. This prevents us from continually spending money on stuff we didn’t realize we have.

A simple “we miss you” is a great approach to start the campaign and show your consumers what they’ve been missing out on while they’ve been gone.

This Skillshare email is a fantastic example.

Get rid of any non-compliant clutter.

There is a rationale for Marie Kondo’s celebrity, just as there is a reason for marketing laws.

Things seemed jumbled, and people were unclear what to make of it.

GDPR set out to tidy up marketing methods, taking into consideration the consumer’s view of a clean and suitable approach to data protection, much like Kondo-ing your lifestyle and cleaning out the unjustified clutter that consumes and governs our lives.

A shoe shop, for example, may divide its clientele into tennis shoe fans and high-heel fans. Each of these groups will get emails focusing on the sorts of shoes they like. Take a look at this example from On, a Swiss running shoe brand.

Rinse and repeat

Tidying up is not a one-time occurrence. To maintain constant life order and, in the case of email, effective list hygiene, KonMari conducts repeated reviews.

Following the Marie Kondo method also entails returning from time to time to re-tidy your room and begin over with a clean slate. Using this rinse and repeat strategy for email list cleansing ensures constant engagement and relevant subscribers.

After a thorough rinse, you are free to sit back and enjoy the advantages of applying KonMari to your list hygiene efforts. Just remember to trust your Kondo-ing instincts and re-evaluate when it’s time to clean up again.

Take, for example, a welcome email. When a new subscriber joins your list, you can set up an automatic trigger to send them a pre-written welcome email. Sephora’s welcome email is a wonderful example.


When it comes to cleaning up our material life, Marie Kondo is breaking new ground. Marie Kondo-ing your list frees up space for you to practice email marketing more effectively, providing the following valuable benefits:

With individualized, relevant messaging, finding a home for everything and everyone

Condensing your list in order to activate hidden subscribers and provide high-quality, positive metrics

Evaluating your marketing strategies and making changes to demonstrate your dependability and authenticity to readers

Taking the time to re-evaluate your procedures and make the necessary modifications to get everything back in order

Marketers may use the KonMari method to clean up their organization’s processes, adhere to privacy best practices, and approach a cleaner, healthier email list.