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Five Best Tips to Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox During Holidays

It is now official. The holidays are approaching. And so are many emails.

Last year, retailers launched 55.4% more email advertisements on Black Friday than the previous year. Of course, this only applies to marketing emails.

Here are a few of our greatest Christmas email suggestions to help you obtain the engagement and outcomes you seek.

Land in inboxes rather than spam folders

Separating your reputation by message type is an excellent place to start.

This is an excellent habit all year, but it is particularly useful around the holidays. Essentially, you want your transactional and promotional emails to be sent from distinct IP addresses and subdomains. As a result, the reputations of these two channels will be separated.

Choose your sender name carefully

Whether you send employment notifications or special coffee discounts, the secret to increased engagement is to produce amazing emails that your audience finds engaging. You want people to be pleased when they see your sender name in their email, which necessitates creating a brand that people like.

Using a genuine person’s name as your sender may enhance your open rate and CTR, according to some data.

Better topic lines for drives

Marketers occasionally use ALL CAPS, emoticons, and exclamation marks in an attempt to stand out during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We strongly advise A/B testing two or three subject line changes rather than placing all of your eggs in one basket.

You should do the opposite and stand out with a brief topic line.

Set the appropriate time to send emails

Keep in mind that your typical send time may not be suitable over the holidays.

To stand out, connect with clients on lower traffic days like as the week before Thanksgiving or the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (emails sent on this day have especially strong ROI), and skip big email days such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday entirely.

Maintain your focus on your reward – your email list

This is the time of year when many consumers will join your list momentarily to get a discount coupon and then unsubscribe.

To begin, make sure you’re utilizing email validation to collect actual people’s email addresses so you don’t waste money mailing to misspelled or nonexistent addresses. Another holiday tactic to attempt is segmenting your list and changing the frequency of your emails to deliver more messages to high engagers and fewer to low engagers.


By adopting these Christmas email best practices, you may increase opens, clicks, and, perhaps, revenues during the peak email season that begins with Black Friday.

Check out this video from Jilt for assurance that you’ll be able to get your emails to customers within your desired delivery window. They lay out seven data-backed strategies that can help you stand out on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday) to bring in more customers and boost your revenue.