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7 Incredible Welcome Email Examples (and Why They Work)

Greeting emails are a simple, straightforward, and effective method to provide a warm, personal welcome to each new member to your email list. Here are some fantastic welcome email samples to get you started.

There are no second chances to create a good first impression.

In this piece, we’ll discuss why welcome emails are so powerful, how to create a memorable one, and then look at 11 amazing welcome email samples.

Tennis in Britain

Welcome email from British Tennis

This email from British Tennis is very brilliant. If you’ve ever seen a tennis match on television, you’ll recognize the graphic at the top of this welcome email as a representation of the replay process while a shot is being reviewed in tennis.

This is successful because it is readily identifiable by tennis enthusiasts and reinforces their reputation as an insider — someone who understands tennis.

They also feature a clear CTA button at the bottom so you know what to do next.


Welcome email from Loom.

Loom is a software program that allows you to effortlessly capture short movies of your computer screen and/or yourself. It’s especially handy in a remote/hybrid work environment, when you need to connect with colleagues through video but don’t have time to hop into a meeting together.

Their initial email accomplishes a number of things really well, but the utilization of the product in the email jumps out. They demonstrate you the product in action by adding a video created using Loom in the email, making it simple to envisage how you’d use it for yourself.

They also provide short, concrete instructions for getting started, which we strongly recommend for any welcome email aimed at product uptake.

Mollusk Surf Shop

Welcome email from Mollusk Surf Shop

Mollusk is a San Francisco-based surf-inspired apparel business. Their company is built on providing high-quality, laid-back apparel that is in it for the long haul, with a focus on sustainability and comfort. They also place a strong emphasis on collaborating with local merchants, which takes us to what they excel at.

In this email, Mollusk does an excellent job of explaining their brand’s narrative. They make it clear right away that they are not a fast-fashion firm. They collaborate with “friends and neighbors” and design with “comfort and durability in mind.”

While it’s tempting for firms to get carried away with their brand stories and speak too much about themselves, Mollusk achieves a good balance here. Tell your tale, but in an interesting and valuable manner to your audience.

Their 15% off deal is also expected to enhance conversion rates.


Welcome email from Bombas

Staying in the retail area, check out this lovely welcome email from Bombas, a clothing brand focused on creating basic, comfortable essential clothes.

This email begins with some eye-catching picture of well ordered items, then offers new customers 20% off their first buy, which is a terrific approach to get folks in the door to sample your product.

Mollusk accomplished this in their email above, but Bombas makes it much more successful by including a variety of clickable components that facilitate buying. There are links to their items just under the discount code. Making the code simple to redeem is likely to enhance click-through and conversion rates.


Welcome email from Asana.

Moving on to the B2B sector, have a look at this fantastic welcome email from Asana, a project management application.

When writing a B2B welcome email, you usually have two major purposes in mind:

  • Greet your new user warmly and politely.
  • Make sure they understand the basic steps to utilizing your product.

The first time this new consumer interacts with your product is crucial. At this moment, consumers are still debating whether to use your product or another option. As a result, directing them on how to get started is critical.

Asana accomplishes all of these with some warm, welcome content and three simple action items to get the consumer started with their product.

Plus points for the gorgeous gif of an item getting crossed off the list. Who doesn’t like that sensation?

The New Yorker

Welcome email from the New Yorker

The New Yorker has sent you a welcome email.
This welcome email from the New Yorker to subscribers who join up for their daily email newsletter, The Daily, is a terrific source of inspiration for publishers and media firms.

This one achieves two things really well:

  1. It establishes expectations. You’ll see at the top of the email that they inform you how often you’ll get their newsletter, what kind of material you can anticipate, and other benefits of being a New Yorker member. This helps users become enthusiastic about what they just signed up for and anticipate your next email.
  2. Other New Yorker material is cross-promoted. If they signed up for the Daily, chances are they’ll be interested in other New Yorker material as well. This is an excellent location to cross-promote material and offer a subscription CTA that seems beneficial rather than deceptive.

Combine all of this with the New Yorker’s trademark graphic flair, and you have the makings of a fantastic welcome email.


Welcome email from Harry's.


Welcome emails are an essential component of email marketing. Your subscribers will seldom be more engaged or interested than when they give you their email address, and it is up to you to make the most of it.

And, ideally, after reviewing these amazing, educational, and successful welcome email examples, you’ll be able to accomplish exactly that.