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5 Effective Strategies to Create Email Buyer Personas

Data tells the tale of who purchases from you, what they purchase, and how they purchase. That data ranges from basic demographic information to in-depth analysis of a visitor’s site use.

Thus, buyer personas are one technique to boost conversion rates by using customer data.

Read on to learn why you should construct buyer personas, how to create them for your email marketing campaigns, and how to leverage them across sectors.

Why create a buyer persona for email marketing?

A buyer persona is only a description of your best and worst consumers.

Buyer personas can assist you in creating targeted and customized email campaigns that convert subscribers into buyers.

Why is this important?

Personalization is one of the top email marketing best practices for many reasons:

  • A personalized email message can increase your click-through rates by 14% and it can increase your conversion rate by 10%
  • Personalized web experiences, like emails, can generate a 20% average increase in sales over non-personalized emails.
  • Nearly 75% of marketing professionals have seen an increase in customer engagement since switching to personalized emails.

How to create a buyer persona for email marketing?

Nail your email marketing strategy

Every email campaign you build should be targeted to an overall goal like:

  • Building trust and brand awareness
  • Increasing conversions
  • Raising customer lifetime value
  • Growing referral business

With your goal defined, you can easily determine what type of content to send in your marketing emails.

Zillow is another excellent example. Personas are used in their email marketing approach.

Their email advertising plan targets a certain character, who is most likely female, has an eye for design, and is thinking about upgrading their environment.

Slice and dice your email list

Did you know segmented emails have a 15% higher open rate?

Buyer personas allow you to contact everyone on your email list in a personalized way but only if you segment your list.

The more you can segment your list, the more specific and relevant your emails may be.

For example, Start A Fire, a social media tool, layers personal data to send a weekly report to users, inviting them to go back into the app.

Write better copy to get more opens and clicks.

If you want to develop captivating content, you must depend on your buyer personas. You may utilize your email text to expose the irritating itch and then provide them with a tool to scratch it.

Adobe is a wonderful illustration of this. With their Creative Suite email, they did an excellent job of aligning text with their character, the creative designer.

“Make something immediately,” says the primary header. “Let us show you how.” speaks straight to the designer who wants to create without being burdened down by tutorials and features

“Put your best face forward on Facebook,” the first piece, is all about making the user seem nice with simplicity.

Entice them with an irresistible offer and clickable call to action

What do your personas value? Do they need to slash budgets? Save time?

You can apply email marketing best practice to analyze psychographic data around your buyer to put together an irresistible offer. These include phrases like “Save 20%”, “Free Consultation”, “Instant Access“, “Free Trial”, or “Complimentary Upgrade”.

By looking at the data from WordStream, you can think about how they like to communicate. A tech-savvy millennial might prefer to communicate through email or text messages.

Another great example to follow is Credit Karma where they boost their engagement with “See My New Scores”. Their email is clean, simple and has a clear call to action.

In a different approach, this prospecting email uses a calendar link with a call-to-action of “set up a time to talk.” This makes the correspondence feel more personal.

Follow through with a relevant landing page

The primary goal of email marketing is to increase conversions and sales. If you direct email traffic to your homepage, your buyer personas will be left out in the cold.

With LinkedIn’s user data, they use content directed at their “Marketer” persona to drive marketers to try LinkedIn Sponsored Mail.

If their call to action, “Get Started,” just sent people to their site, they would be diverted from the work at hand and would never convert.

Instead, the call to action directs the visitor to their advertising dashboard, where they can immediately follow through on the CTA and launch an InMail campaign.


Buyer personas can help with email marketing. They act as a guideline for replying to prospective subscribers. Following these tactics will allow you to create your unique buyer persona, which will help your email marketing campaign succeed.

Knowing what truly matters to customers and prospects is the difference between failure and success with digital marketing campaigns. In this video, Semrush comprehensively digs into the topic of buyer personas.