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5 Best Practices for Using Video in your Email Marketing

Video destroyed radio, and now it’s taking over digital marketing.

Over 1.9 billion videos will flood Internet channels by 2021, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

Video creates engagement and authenticity, which improves trust and sales.

This channel’s potency makes it a no-brainer for email marketing. It’s easy to apply using our advice.

Let’s look at some video email marketing perks.

Video marketing advantages

Video email marketing helps you connect with customers. “Video” in an email subject line may raise click-through rates by 40%.

Video gives buyers fresh, relevant reasons to purchase without overwhelming them with information.

Video can explain 1,800,000 words in one minute, great for time-crunched consumers.

Buyers love video. When utilized in an email, it may reduce unsubscribes by 26% and increase click-through rates by 200-300%.

YouTube Youtube emails new features.

Videos can help search engine rankings owing to social sharing.

Marketers are turning to video to increase email marketing performance. Let’s examine how to use video in email marketing.

Video’s benefits

There are various methods to utilize video to boost campaign engagement, conversions, and income. You must choose first.

  1. Select video format

When picking a video for your email campaign, there are several options. Here are a few:


Video marketing

Video events

Video demonstrations

Video lessons

Case/testimonial videos


You must decide which matches your brand’s personality, product, or service best.

Others have benefits. Live video keeps viewers engaged longer than on-demand, and 80% of users prefer it over social or blog posts.

GoPro has mastered live video and user-generated material for added impact. Watch here.

4 times as many consumers would prefer watch a video demo than read about your goods.

Video testimonials may generate trust and social proof.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and strangers, according to Neilson.

Wistia gave its subscribers a video email campaign.

  1. Creative? Prepare first

After choosing a video format, gather your marketing team to plan the specifics. Here’s a checklist to get started.

Target whom?

Is this your whole audience?

What do you want video viewers to do?

Budget and timeline?

Who should you recruit as creatives? Artists? Filmmakers?

How will you evaluate your video?

These are simply basic recommendations; your organization may have a more detailed marketing plan.

Video works well in emails, landing sites, and social platforms.

Continuity across channels may help your brand and set client expectations.

After outlining your objectives, it’s time to write and film your video.

  1. Write, rehearse, shoot, and edit the screenplay.

Writing a screenplay and practicing it before shooting can save you time, money, and effort.

Good script features:

A hook

One message



It may have more words than you need, so be prepared to edit.

Make sure your tone suits your business and audience, and present your message in the first 30 seconds.

Shooting? Don’t employ a production team. iPhones (and other smartphones) can perform well.

Kate Hudson shot 70% of her Fabletics video on her iPhone. This saves money and provides viewers a real experience. Watch here.

After filming, have many people check the video’s content, effectiveness, and quality. You want your video to reflect your company well.

If you’re on a budget, consider using free video editing tools. Your video production team will handle final editing and sampling.


Make your email marketing video’s call-to-action (CTA) count. Short, simple, and actionable.

Today’s technology enables you to integrate contact forms inside videos or incorporate pop-up CTAs. How to grab your audience’s attention:

This is ideal for subscription-based companies.

Let viewers complete a poll or survey to gather marketing feedback.

Create a sign-up form for a webinar or other event using this CTA.

Engage viewers on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or use a campaign hashtag.

Contests: Offer a contest or giveaway to expand your list.

Start with a short video, then link to more videos highlighting your company.

Choose the method that suits your marketing objectives best to engage and convert.

5by emailed, “If you watch one video this weekend, watch this.”

  1. Evaluation

You did your research, made a video, and sent it. Measure the outcomes.

You’ll utilize your marketing objectives to determine the most important indicators, but here are a few more you may use to ensure effectiveness:

CTR: How many clicked your CTA?

Your video’s view count

How many viewers clicked “play”

How many click-through visitors acted on your CTA?

How many people shared your video?

How long do people watch after pressing play?

Video feedback (can be combined with social sharing)

The Road Map video series offers business guidance.

You may monitor any or all of these variables to see how well your video is promoting.

These analytics let you change your video if it’s underperforming.

Wrap Up

Email marketing using video is a strong tool.

Its personal, real quality helps encourage engagement, and its flexibility lets you modify methods when clients’ contact points change.

It works without pricey technologies. Even Fabletics shoots high-converting videos on cellphones.

With more firms using this cutting-edge marketing approach, you’ll want to create your own email videos to stay on-trend and boost income.