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4 Great Emails Fitness Studios Should Be Sending Now

Good day, fitness studio brands. How are you doing?

It’s an odd and tough period for companies, particularly those that depend on physical locations and face-to-face encounters. The fitness business has suffered some blows, but its members have remained strong.

Right now, the fact is that relying on internet activities will most likely be the safest course of action – even if there is still hope of reopening.

So, how can you keep in touch with clients in this situation? How can your company remain relevant when everyone is at home?

It’s easy: Make the most of email marketing and your email marketing software.

This post will go through the sorts of emails that fitness studios should send during the COVID-19 epidemic.

What are the advantages of utilizing email marketing software for fitness studios?

Because the pandemic is transforming how we communicate and how our society functions, companies must find and experiment with new methods to interact with and serve their consumers and communities.

Email marketing has always been an important medium, but it is particularly critical for fitness firms right now. It’s an excellent approach to transmit critical information such as closures, altered timetables, sanitary procedures, and more.

Many of you have already launched email marketing campaigns. However, with over 280 billion emails written every day across the globe, it may be difficult to stand out from every other business seeking for attention in customers’ inboxes.

Look for email marketing software designed specifically for the fitness sector. You’ll want solutions that provide you total control over the top-level parts of your brand’s marketing activities while also allowing individual locations to tailor campaigns to their own requirements.

Here are four emails that fitness studios should send to their subscribers during COVID-19

Email marketing strategies are increasingly essential for establishing and keeping tight relationships with clients. Marketers should concentrate on promoting virtual services and disseminating useful information. It is also critical to adjust the brand’s voice and tone to reflect the realities of the times.

Here are ten sorts of emails that fitness studios should be sending right now, along with some samples.

User account and membership modifications that are compassionate

Many fitness studios are caught between a rock and a hard place: they want to keep their consumers safe while still needing to survive. With many firms’ physical premises still shuttered, subscribers to fitness studios may be wondering about the status of their subscriptions.

Fitness studios may keep members up to date by communicating through email.

fitness marketing email example

 COVID-19-induced company changes

Changes inside your organization might be so significant that they demand a whole marketing email to distribute the information to your consumers.

Tone is essential in all situations. Even if you’re conveying terrible news, emails with exclusively negative content should be avoided by fitness studios. Marketers should be particularly cautious these days, since COVID-19 – and everything that comes with it – has resulted in simultaneous physical and mental health problems.


Information about class timetables and gym reopenings

While some individuals may get by with virtual sessions, others find that working out at home isn’t as satisfying or encouraging.

Sending emails with information on certain gym reopenings or courses with social distancing measures may result in an inflow of in-person clients, so make sure you’re ready for that.

fitness email COVID-19 update example

Alternative fitness choices for individuals who want to remain at home

Set up online courses or other comparable opportunities if you haven’t already. Through this new ongoing income stream, your customers may continue to support you and your trainers.

You may design a marketing campaign to promote your virtual fitness solutions in conjunction with that endeavor.

fitness email virtual classes offer example

Wrap up

So much of the fitness business is physically based. However, many fitness studios and gyms have adapted to a new normal that is primarily online and email-based.