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8 Brands Crushing It with Email Marketing and Automation

Marketers nowadays are pushing beyond one-time emails. They are getting benefits from leveraging email marketing and automation to assist their marketing efforts.

These automated communications are relevant and tailored. They are triggered by a subscriber’s activities or other variables such as time or date, ensuring that relevant material is sent precisely when the subscriber wants and needs it.

Today, we’re going to show you 5 firms who are killing it with email marketing and automation, as well as some lessons you can take from them.

ZURB communicates with customers

ZURB is a Silicon Valley-based product design firm that serves a vast community of aspiring and professional designers, as well as corporate CEOs. They utilize email to educate their subscribers and are committed to providing excellent, instructional design information.

ZURB set up automated welcome letters so that when a fan joined up for the newsletter, they got a personalized email. ZURB iterated on these emails and got amazing results. The welcome emails currently get open rates of 70-75% and click-through rates of 40-45%.

Zurb welcome email

What ZURB can teach you:

  • Email marketing and automation are simple to set up, regardless of your degree of technical expertise.
  • Subscribers will be more engaged and involved in your emails if they are welcomed on time.
  • You may quickly test the waters of marketing automation by automating something small, such as a welcome email, and reap significant benefits.

Carrot’s customized experiences

Marketing automation facilitates individualized experiences, and Carrot is one of the most exciting examples available.

Mumsnet knows that being a parent is a journey that starts the minute a woman learns she is pregnant. Carrot will send you email newsletters during your pregnancy to help you learn about the various phases via online conversation if you find out you’re pregnant and reveal your due date.

You're invited: A fireside chat on fertility, family and financial wellness

What Carrot can teach you:

  • Your clients are on a trip. To join them, use email marketing and automation.
  • Play around with your triggers. Many events, such as dates, actions or inactions, entering a list, joining a segment, leaving a segment, and more, may be automated.

BuzzFeed’s self-paced courses

BuzzFeed has created significant ripples in the media sphere, becoming one of the world’s most frequented websites. BuzzFeed, on the other hand, does a lot more than just distribute puppy GIFs; it has a robust email marketing program that makes use of automation.

Many portions of these mailings are automated, but one of our favorite uses of automation by BuzzFeed is their instructional courses. BuzzFeed’s “4-Week Get Fit Challenge” was automated. When a subscriber registers up for the course, they will get a series of emails containing fitness recommendations.

BuzzFeed course

What BuzzFeed can teach you:

Even the most well-known media outlets depend on email automation to increase interaction.

You may keep in contact with subscribers on an ongoing basis by packaging information into an automatic email course.

Apartment Therapy Media instructs

When it comes to deciding which couch bed to purchase or how to prepare a whole chicken, people turn to Apartment Therapy or its sibling site, The Kitchn. The company’s purpose is to link individuals to useful internet resources to help them make their homes more attractive, healthy, and organized.

Apartment Therapy discovered that automated emails help them to educate their audience while also effectively disseminating communication. The Kitchn team leverages automation for its baking school, a sequence of courses sent directly to subscribers’ inboxes. When a subscriber enrolls in a class, they are guided through daily sessions on different areas of baking. Subscribers are very engaged, with open and click-through rates above 55%.

The Kitchn - Automated Emails

What Apartment Therapy can teach you:

  • Automated email courses may result in very high engagement.
  • You may target particular portions of your audience with content, providing the appropriate material to the right subscriber at the right moment.

On honors the beginning and continues to support

On, a Swiss-based running shoe manufacturer, connects with runners all around the globe using email marketing and automation. To give fans with a consistent customer experience, the organization uses automated emails.

On is concerned with far more than the finish line. On marks the beginning of the running experience by sending consumers an automatic welcome email with the most recent collection.

And On goes above and beyond just sending a welcome email. Because On is genuinely committed to giving its clients with an all-around wonderful running experience, which includes assisting them in deciding when it’s time to purchase a new pair of shoes.

On - Automated Welcome Email

What you can take away from On:

  • Email marketing and automation may be used in a variety of sectors of your organization.
  • You may automate your sales efforts to notify customers when it’s time to repurchase.
  • It is beneficial to assist clients throughout their full journey—from beginning to middle to end, and then repeat as necessary.

Jaybird – bringing music to your life

Every audiophile understands the significance of good sound. That is why many people turn to Jaybird for high-performance earphones that are comfortable to use.

email marketing examples from jaybird

What distinguishes Jaybird?

Aside from performance and comfort, they also have the additional benefit of being sweat-proof, which is tough to find in earphones for someone who loves fitness.

However, no matter how fantastic a product is, it can only shine when others learn about it. As a result, Jaybird chose one of the top email marketing businesses to fuel their email campaigns.

One email at a time, UNICEF New Zealand is changing the world

It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the world. All you need is a clear vision and well-designed automated processes.

nonprofit email automation examples - unicef email

While UNICEF New Zealand is not in the business of earning money, the organization is one of the greatest instances of email marketing automation.

Here’s a takeaway from UNICEF’s campaigns.

Everything revolves on timing. The majority of UNICEF’s communications to donors are time-sensitive. To guarantee that emails are sent on time, a precise automated procedure is required, as well as a strong email marketing platform.

Rip Curl – surfing the success waves

Rip Curl is a business based in Australia that creates, produces, and distributes surfing apparel and accessories. Rip Curl is one of the top three firms in its industry globally, and the company owes some of its success to email marketing, making it one of the greatest email marketing automation examples.

email marketing and automation examples - ripcurl email example

In such competitive seas, how can Rip Curl ride the worldwide tide of success?

The following are some takeaways from Rip Curl’s email marketing campaigns:

Show, don’t tell: Rip Curl recognizes the importance of displaying goods in action. The emails sent by the corporation are intended to sell things in as little words and with as much action as possible.

Experiences sell: Marketers have long understood that people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by emotions rather than rationality. Rip Curl’s emails include a lot of emotional triggers, both in the imagery and the language.

Finish up

Email marketing and automation enable businesses to communicate with subscribers at the proper time and place. They result in a more engaged audience, with subscribers eager to open, read, and act on your emails.

Automation is bringing tremendous benefits to firms like the ones we’ve mentioned, as well as many others. You, too, may be one of the future email marketing automation examples that others can follow by learning from them.

Whether you’re the single marketer at a startup or part of a huge brand’s marketing team, there’s potential to utilize email marketing and automation creatively to smash your objectives.