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5 Reasons Why you should Add Email Countdown Timers

It pays to understand how to utilize email countdown timers and why they are useful. Here are five reasons why you should think about using this tool for email marketing.

1. They instill a feeling of urgency

When you want readers to act, there’s no better approach to persuade them than to tell them the chance won’t last forever. email example

The timer would be live and ticking down in this email to highlight how much time was left in an active deal. Rather from just displaying a static date, this method conveys a feeling of urgency.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a tried and true method of motivating individuals to behave. Time sensitivity motivates individuals to work harder on tasks in order to meet deadlines.

When you add an email countdown timer for a sale or promotion, the same thing occurs. People who might not have accepted your offer otherwise may be influenced by the sight of time ticking away. Every second they don’t act is a squandered chance, making the knowledge of what they’re missing all the more obvious.

In a comparison of static and animated Facebook advertising, the latter were shown to be more successful. Despite the fact that we’re discussing two separate mediums, animations are often more compelling than static photos.

2. They make competitions more interesting

Businesses are continuously providing discounts and promotions. However, when you promote an offer, you are attempting to persuade a consumer to pay for anything. Contests are quite unique.

A contest is anything that provides individuals the opportunity to win without forcing them to do anything. This, however, poses a dilemma. Those who have the chance to obtain something for free often believe the offer is too good to be true.

Many people may decline the offer if they are concerned that they are statistically unlikely to win. Bring FOMO back into the mix if you want people to take a risk on the contest.

The idea of a gift creates concerns. Including an email countdown timer offers assurance. It informs them that the period they have to win will not go forever. This may be sufficient to overcome their concerns.

Giveaways are an excellent method to keep your subscribers interested, discover what they want, and demonstrate that you care. It is considerably simpler to meet your giveaway targets if you employ a timer.

3. They are beneficial for charity marketing

Keeping with the theme of non-sales marketing, NGOs are in a unique position with their promotional activities.

Nonprofits understand the foundations of marketing. Creating a feeling of urgency and capturing viewers’ emotions are essential components of marketing, whether you’re selling or collecting contributions.

Because generating awareness is so vital to organizations, it is worthwhile to discuss the period on which efforts are founded. A timeline is a useful tool for collecting funds to fulfill a goal or holding an event to get people engaged in a certain cause.

Consider the following email and consider how much more successful it would be if a timer was included.

WE email example

A timer would have been ideal, especially as the language implies a feeling of urgency. A timer works much better if the email is about a particular objective that you want to achieve. People may be even more motivated to participate if they see the time ticking and believe their effort can make a significant impact.

4. They assist eateries in publicizing deals

Restaurants, catering firms, and other food-related enterprises all have one thing in common: they virtually all promote specials at different periods. These specials may help generate significant money (if promoted properly).

One of the most common restaurant marketing approaches is determining your target audience and objectives, and then matching those goals to your budget. If one of your aims is to promote a special, you might think about using an email countdown timer.

marketing email example

This kind of email is intended to promote a particular menu item. When discussing something that has just returned or is offered at a discounted price, you should always consider utilizing a timer.

If a meal returns to the menu, it becomes more appealing if it is available for “a limited time only.” People may be more motivated to test it if it is offered at a reduced price and they know the price will rise shortly.

People are more inclined to act when they see a clock tick down and know the food will revert to its usual price (or vanish entirely) when the clock reaches zero.

5. They are ideal for fitness emails

Think scales, calorie content, and fat percentages when it comes to fitness (the list goes on). If someone is increasing their physical fitness, there are several statistics to keep track of.

The good news is that your email marketing audience is already used to seeing figures. In this business, a countdown timer works because it seems natural. Maybe your consumers are counting down the minutes before they have to go. Or maybe they calculate how many calories remain in their daily diet.

Whether you’re marketing the remaining time on a membership discount or the sale of certain health items, you may use email countdown clocks to your advantage.

Consider the following email:

Strava utilized numbers as part of their pitch in this email, thus a timer would have been a perfect match. If you send these emails on a regular basis, you may simply include a timer. And when a timer seems natural, it is more likely to elicit participation.

The bottom line on email countdown timers

An email countdown timer may seem to be a very uniform tool. However, the more you utilize it, the more likely you are to discover natural locations for it in your marketing.

Timed sales, limited-time product offers, and time-sensitive events are just a few examples of how you might include a timer into your content. Not only are you capturing people’s attention, but you’re also expressing a feeling of urgency. More significantly, you’re eliminating uncertainty.

It all comes back to the advantages of content specificity. “Click here,” for example, is not as enticing as “click here to obtain a free quotation.”

Similarly, “this deal will finish shortly” is not nearly as powerful as “this offer will end in 10 hours, 11 minutes, and 19 seconds.”

Wrap up

Email countdown timers offer three outstanding features: They are personal in the sense that they can be tailored to any timeline. You don’t have to settle for anything static since they’re animated. They’re also adaptable, so they may be employed in a variety of sectors. Remember:

  • When you need a feeling of urgency, use them.
  • Consider these when you wish to overcome a reader’s reluctance to engage.
  • Discover how countdown clocks work into your particular business.